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Low key

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01  Minimalism


“Sprung out of scandinavian,holding the essence of simplicity"


Minimalism, originally as a genre of modern art, emerged and became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, which like using color as less as possible and being yourself rather than being distracticed by other things. Later they reflect on the architecture design and Factoric \ cloth \ indoor design, etc.



The Nordic minalism has their own characteristic, such as, black and white mostly \ high quality \ uncluttered.


“Minimalism is not the lack of something, it's the perfect amount of something”


In the era of material and information explosion, the minimalist lifestyle has become an oasis of the spiritual world, attracting people eager to return to their original nature. The fast pace, high frequency, full load of modern society, the excessive absorption of resources, spiritual life is being pumped out, and many people feel confused and suffocated.



The minimalist life is not so much a fashion trend as it is that people are free from the complicated and complex pursuit of simplicity and nature under the domination of "complementary consciousness". In order to achieve a kind of relief, it is also a more humane, economical and pleasant way of life. Minimalists also form their own social circle, sharing the "rules of life", such as garbage sorting or happiness doesn't depend on material things.


02 Streetwear


"Born in American ghetto, expressing anger and rebellion"


We can straightly tell the concept of Streetwear, which is the culture on the street. People widely concern that streetdancing \  DJ \ MC \ streetpainting, etc. They got their own specific style,  but they got their samiliarity as well. Such as oversize, relaxing,  hip-pop, street dancing. The color exaggerates to capture the  eyeball.


“90s were a truly magical time, absorbing the punk and rock spirit of the 1970s and enjoying the trendiness of the 1980s”



In the early 1990s, New York was known for its hip-hop and skateboarding street subculture and led the world. People's dressing style is closely related to the attitude of life.Their clothing also reflects street trends. 

People are familiar with the Japanese style of harajuku often get surprised when they know that harajuku is actually a place. Harajuku is more than just a place for Japan. It has become a symbol of street culture.



After world war II, harajuk became a base for American troops and was exposed to street culture from the United States.

Later, in Japan, there was one of the earliest hippies, the element family.They are bold, novel, and even eccentric.

With our Scandinavian roots,

 AKENZ combines them!


New streetwear - LOADING


KRAKATAU : Simplicity + Techwear



KRAKATAU emphasizes the future science and technology feels, combine the function of the dress and the minimalism, the dress looks simple and simple atmosphere without losing a sense of texture.

It has both the loose style of the street and the sense of Nordic futurism, is pure white + black, and simple tailoring is the essence of minimalism.


HAN Kjøbenhavn : Classic + Intersting


The style is mostly the style of street leisure, and the classic color of the northern European minimalism.HAN Kjøbenhavn seeks the path of innovation in the classic.


TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN : Monochromatic rough + Futurism



Tobi was inspired by the spread of modern Arab culture.The image is an exploration of Arab aesthetics and islamic architecture.The inspiration and the combination of letters from the barbarian architecture.The geometry and pattern cutting are all moving towards monochrome.The unisexual coolness of monochrome clothing conveys a signal of freedom and innovation.Monochrome works are asexual, exotic, even timeless.

You don't know where to come from, but anyone can wear it at any time.


GABBA : Quality + Creativity



Tailor-made -- the choice of a personalized cowboy, instead of following the trend, is a combination of professional knowledge and fashion ideas, choosing the finest fabric to make high-quality denim.

They travel around the world in search of inspiration, search for good fabric, and in pure design.




If the collision of culture becomes a new civilization, then the collision of fashion will produce new aesthetics.”


Two kinds of cultural integration will bring a innovation out of another kind of customs and habits, and the enthusiasm of street fashion make public impact low-key of Nordic culture created a new aesthetic.


Combination of high quality and high profile - AKENZ redefine streetwear!


For more info: akenz.com

May 15, 2018 — Hong Xiaoye

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