This is what our customers say about AKENZ

Katherine Garza

"So happy to find a shop that carries such a wide variety of unisex tech-wear! Gina the sales assistant was very responsive when I couldn't decide what size to order. Highly recommend!" 

 July 17th 2021 - New York, NY
5 stars

Winston Yeh

"Awesome service, awesome clothes, awesome price." 

June 30th 2021 - Taiwan
5 stars

Alex Xu

"Super fast shipping and great customer service! I received my order 2 days earlier than expected." 

April 15th 2021 - Vancouver, BC
5 stars

Takashi Nakamura

"I bought a pair of BBS shoes and they came with a free pair of socks. Such a pleasant surprise, love AKENZ!" 

January 22nd 2020 - Japan
5 stars

Fabio Giunti 

"AKENZ is the only shop that carries all my favorite brands under one roof. Full marks..." 

November 11th 2019 - Italy
5 stars

Andreas Junior Reinhardt Krabsholm

"Great service!" 

March 27th 2018 - Denmark
5 stars

Jon Bang

"Brilliant service! Can highly recommend Akenz!" 

March 14th 2018 - Denmark
5 stars

Alev Öksel

"Hello, Jones is a competent, very kind and very welcoming sales manager. It was a pleasure to talk to him and he has advised me very well! I will come back to buy more items for sure!. Thank you and best regards, Alev Öksel

March 13th 2018 - Germany
5 stars


 Kasper J H Ditlevsen stars5 January 25th 2018