KRAKATAU is an innovative brand rooted in humanity and inspired by subculture & technical innovation. The brand's focus on "Urban Techwear" is evident in the utilitarian details: sealed seams, waterproof zippers & reflective accents to elevate garments' functionality.

A high street edge is what sets KRAKATAU apart from other Techwear labels, as its garments offer a subdued futuristic aesthetic that effortlessly matches any wardrobe. With simple yet standout collections comprised of pants, t-shirts, long sleeves, jackets and footwear constructed of breathable, waterproof and windproof fabrics, KRAKATAU ensures that wearers are ready for whatever the world throws at them...

The KRAKATAU slogan "antagonist survival kit" embodies the idea of ultimate protection from the elements, starting with cold, rain, and wind, and even further to protect the environment and your personal data.

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