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Suave, classy and masculine; these are the three words, which encompass the brothers Sebastian and Jorge’s new reputation in Miami, particularly in this previously rundown industrial estate.
Their shop is an abandoned production warehouse, providing them with a perfect opportunity for décor with vintage motorcycles, high-quality furniture, classy suites and weekend “get together” barbecues.
With this urban space, ‘Brothers and Brawlers’ became their new occupation and part of their southern vintage lifestyle in contrast with Miami’s otherwise ostentatious and cosmopolitan style.The brothers literally arrived from New York City to Wynwood on the 4 o’clock train, just in time for the hip art wave that had started in the streets a few years earlier.




‘Brothers and Brawlers’ is not just a coffee shop...

...nor a motorcycle shop. It can’t neither be categorised as a picker’s shop, nor an accessories store. As a result, it has left a mark in Miami as a neo-vintage and edgy hangout.
Everything is made to look like it was already here.The windowed walls, which divide the space, are old factory windows from Chicago. The lamps in the lounge, which they call ‘Club Harivel’, are French street lights from the 1930s. The lights at the coffee bar are old sconces from Chicago that they fitted to hang as bar lights.Everything you see, feel and touch in the shop is intentional.
- everything here has a special history.
In the next blog post, we will zoom in on the secrete of one of the brothers. Next blog already available. (2/4)

May 25, 2018 — Jonas Nikolajsen

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