C2H4’s SS22 Collection Case #R005 lays focus to the “Space Yacht Club” in the Post Human Era, located on the C2H4® Harbor, of which is a core landmark situated within the C2H4® universe.“TIME” is our key currency at C2H4’s Space Yacht Club. In here, our members can spend their TIME to satisfy their demands with whatever they desire.

Here at the “Space Yacht Club” we guarantee the utmost luxury service and facilities available throughout the entire universe. In addition to this, a variety of alluring and captivating activities will be offered to all club members throughout their eternal membership.

The Space Yacht is now readying for voyage while crew members are engaged with preparations ahead of the coveted Interstellar Regatta, we implore you to join us and explore the extent of your competitive edge.

Follow the guide upon your journey to the centre of our universe, immerse yourself in an entrancing view that will transcend time and space.