The Last Conspiracy | There is tradition and ingenuity behind of the Footwear Design of the Year award.


In 2016, The CFDA, known as The Fashion Industry Oscar, awarded The Danish brand The Last Conspiracy The "Shoe Design of The Year" award.


Despite the Nordic brand was founded only six years ago, it was associated with Church' s、COMME des GARÇONS、Maryam Nassir Zadeh. While mature well-known brands stood shoulder to shoulder, all of a sudden the new sharp design brand The Last Conspiracy got a lot of attention.


Brand Story:




The Last Conspiracy is an up-and-running brand from Denmark



with over 20 years of experience in the shoe industry.



Founded by the Danish designer Roald Nore




The Last Conspiracy is a perfect combination of old technology and leather treatment techniques and modern manufacturing methods.

A combination of Portuguese shoemaking techniques and Nordic minimalism, combining craftsmanship with ultra-modern art of creation. Handcrafted in great detail, each pair of The Last Conspiracy waits for its owner to continue its unique story.


From leather boots to casual shoes and sneakers



The Last Conspiracy is modern, creative contour and retro design.




The Last Conspiracy creates a functional, everyday, basic shoe, with its own brand of post-modern art design language.



The brand puts the advanced shoemaking process on the first place, while sticking to the traditional shoemaking process handed down from ancient times, The bold adoption of new shoemaking techniques has made The Last Conspiracy a highly experimental and innovative brand.







In this interview with Roald Nore, founder of The Last Conspiracy, we can see what is behind this insistence on traditional craftsmanship:




Q: What does "The Last Conspiracy" stand for?



A: First of all, our manufacturing process is unique and the pursuit of the ultimate quality always produces the perfect last. Quality is the cornerstone of the perfect shoe, which is our very personal style and craftsmanship of the "Conspiracy".



Q: Why did you choose the shoes over the broader fashion design?



A: We simply love the process of shoe forming, which combines the incomparable mastery of craftsmen with 3D technology. The craftsman's skill, the shaping process and the interaction between them are unique experiences. In our hearts, we are true shoemakers.



Q: Cortex, this important element is the soul of the brand. What is the bond between you and this element?



A: The choice of cortex is the most basic expression, but cortical and post-processing can completely change this situation. We love exploring these new technologies and forming is an interesting par as well. You can see that the material clings to the shape of the last and the memory of the cortex over time, which is the most admirable and functional material.




Plural possibility:




The Last Conspiracy's black, simple and textured design gives it a lot of possibilities for collocation, which makes it frequently present in all kinds of outlooks and fits in with different styles.




Classic products:

Kirk Mat


FINN waxed suede

EDGAR waxed suede

EDGAR clean optical






Now, The Last Conspiracy classic shoes is available in all Akenz stores and on all online platforms



Surprisingly there will be some discounts available as well.




Check it out:

February 27, 2019 — Kerrwin Yang

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