As early as in the BG ERA 1650, the high council of PRIMUS had realized that due to the SUB-ERA mankind’s prolonged EX - ploitation of mother planet V-19, irreversible damage had been caused, the depleted and unstable stellar core had entered the collapsing cycle. On the surface, the council announced that it seeks to continue the fire of civilization, but the essence s to get rid of dependence on the depleted host galaxy and expand its core industrial profits, unlimited exploitation of interstellar resources. The PRIMUS council launched the stellar engine project “GAEA”.



Even with the excellent technological level of PRIMUS at the time, this enormous creation-level of this universe project lasted for mare than 400 years before it can left the parent galaxy to complete the migration from V-19 to GAEA. A huge interstellar engine that consumes alien stars as its driving energy, begins to advance toward to the next “collectable” planet, so as the POST-EXILE ERA begins.

We strive for excellence and greatness in all of our endeavors both terrestrial and beyond.
We energized the future.


The lower planetary, orbiting at the bottom of the trunk of the stellar engine GAEA is one of the vital components used as interstellar energy mining, loading and extraction, and most importantly the stellar engine propulsion.


Most of the people living here are from the bottom of the infrastructure where they first migrated from the mother planet in those years. As the descendants of the advanced engineering troops who work as engine coolies for their own survival and for their families to fight for the quota of preferential migration from the mother planet to GAEA.




Our story begins in this engine world, JEJE, an lower planet engine city resident born in the after –EXILE ERA, is an orphan who, like the other migratory descendants here, was raised by the lower planetary union since childhood.

Everyday, like other hand working little union kids, she lives a fixed daily work routine arranged by the interstellar energy company ANTARES. Everyday she tolls with her partner “DUNGEE” a gravitational reaper capable of salvaging star dust from the edge city area, and transport them over the orbital mountain to the refinery core of engine city.


April 12, 2021 — Jens Christensen

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