Puma | New action is ceaseless, is the glamour of old motion design still in?



PUMA is teaming up again with fashion popular logo ADER ERROR from Seoul

Create 2018 winter joint shoe clothing series

This time, the joint brand is ADER ERROR

"But Near Missed Things" spirit

A range of seasonal clothing and accessories are available for both men and women.



PUMA X ADER ERROR puffer jackets have a thermal insulation design and 3d detachable pockets on the sleeves.

The unisex PUMA X ADER ERROR jacket has a detachable hood design with pockets hidden inside, with a typical ADER style.





There is also a full zip-up hoodie with a large contrasting cladding and a dynamic, irregular cut contrasting trousers.











The new rs-100 ADER ERROR shoe style USES a combination of suede and breathable mesh to create a uppers, with leather trim, neoprene padded collar and rubber outsole, and PUMA X ADER ERROR co-branded logo on the tongue to highlight the co-branded identity of the shoe style.





The rs-computer is the first high-tech running shoe in history to allow computer-aided analysis of a runner's performance.
A custom computer chip placed in the heel automatically records walking time, distance and calories burned. The result is then displayed by connecting the 16-pin wire to any Apple IIE simulator, Commodore 64, Commodore 128 or IBM PC.
This season's iteration of the rs-100 ADER ERROR shoe retains the iconic TPU block-like extension heel design as a tribute to the timeless smart shoe.





 Han Kjøbenhavn x Puma


In early September, Danish fashion brand Han Kj benhavn teamed up again with PUMA to launch their latest collection, based on the popular "inside-out" concept for sneakers.
It's a collection of Avid HAN, Breaker Mid HAN, Trailfox Disc HAN, Basket HAN, and several reinvented PUMA shoe shapes with exquisite texture in a fashion sense.


Hasbro x Puma


Hasbro is teaming up with PUMA this season to create a cross-cutting joint venture to bring two pairs of "whiz-z-z-t" -themed color schemes to the rs-x.
The design of the two pairs of shoes was inspired by Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, focusing on the Quiet Shade/Cyber Yellow and Dazzling Blue/High Risk Red, respectively, and followed by the "Autobot" pattern representing justice.




PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt

PUMA x MIT Laboratory developed microorganism package

PUMA Suede at PUMA x Chinatown Market Pop-Up

PUMA x The Weeknd Suede


PUMA has a deep culture and history

Sporty and hard to copy

It may not be as hot as Nike or Yeezy in these two years

But look closely at its rich creations, co-branded designs

It is definitely a "classic" that cannot be ignored.



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