NIKBEN | Didn't wear it on the beach? Then you are missing out!

American holiday wave/ Warm embrace the summer

Continuously increasing beach shorts trend

In recent years on instagram and in major fashion magazines
You can see more and more beach casual shorts
If you are still wearing ordinary old-fashioned swimming trunks, it's time for an upgrade.

Instagram's major men's fashion bloggers declare it a must-have for a holiday card or picture. The color and style of the shorts is perfect to interpret the holiday feel.


 Fresh and passionate Miami style


The NIKBEN Beach Collection is inspired by Miami Beach

The overall style and color are focused on a fresh and enthusiastic feel. To make people want to fly to a resort immediately.





If you have a great body, and you're not shy. Just wear it alone!

Choose a color and style matching your skin, and enjoy.

Because China is less exposed to the production of High-end beach shorts brands, these styles have not been popular in China. But this can change. 

NIKBEN Focuses on making the swimming shorts of good quality and creative designs:

  • Overall color matching and detail printing.
  • Fine stitching connections and metal buckle.
  • Quick-drying fabric and light-weight materials with a guarantee for comfortable wearing on the beach.
  • Carefully pay attention to the length of the swimming trunks and choose your favorite length.


How to match it in the most fashionable way?

If you are a bit shy, or don’t want a bare upper body. That's no problem at all. Wear it with a solid  vest, shirt, ... And the colorful beach pants, will create a fresh look. The style options are endless.

Style Tips:

On a beach vacation? Wear the Nikben Shorts together with matching sunglasses. With the new Han Kjobenhavn- Kamo collection, with superb shading functionality and an easy way to upgrade the look.

A look at the Nikben Collection


Big Kahuna

La Cucaracha





The new Nikben collection is now available at the Akenz stores, and online

Click here to see the full collection

April 18, 2019 — Clean Themes Collaborator

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