We are proud to present ZANEROBE as our newest brand in store

From brash beginnings to the confident, innovative, global brand of today, ZANEROBE has clothed an audacious, independent youth movement for over a decade. Created and designed in Sydney Australia, they’re an influential brand leader in the youth fashion space, supplying the pinnacle of apparel stores worldwide

ZANEROBE is a mens fashion brand with a large proportion of its fashion-savvy, loyal crew based in Australia and North America. Their aesthetic is a mix of fashion and core essentials. They’re relentless in their search of progressive mens fashion and heavily influenced by a hectic lifestyle of festivals, beats, travel, friends, street and surf. They’re extremely particular about the finer details of their designs, the application of new/unique fabric and finishing processes, and leaving nothing to chance in the pursuit of quality.

ZANEROBE was created by Leith Testoni and Jonathon Yeo in 2002 after the boys had a bet over a beer on who could design a better woven shirt. That wager spawned into a successful first collection and ten years on, an industry leading brand stocking over 300 stores globally and is now launched on AKENZ.

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