Maharishi x Nike | Joint project to be revealed soon!


Shortly after announcing a joint venture with Nike,

Maharishi, a British fashion brand, followed

Through them Stories

Exposed the details of the design in the series.


From this we can see in addition to the signature "tiger" pattern

Clever combination with Swoosh,

Maharishi will also inject plenty of floral prints and embroidery details,

Brand unique aesthetic concept

No doubt in the Nike classic shoes on the perfect interpretation.

What is the brand's iconic "tiger" logo?

The 7037 Tora Tour M65 Jacket



Maharishi has designed many times in the fall and winter of 18 years and in the past

There are abundant and varied tiger head designs

Pair it with a high saturation of gold or dark

Present the beauty of the east that jumps off

According to maharishi,

The series will be released on November 30.

The full design is likely to be unveiled in the near future,

Let's wait and see!



November 27, 2018 — Kerrwin Yang

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