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KOMAKINO, a New York fashion brand founded in London, combines stylish tailoring and design with a rich palette of designs, through quirky and fantasy-fun patterns, distinctive color blocks, tie-dye and extensive coverage.

Street classic, sporty style with slightly exaggerated morphing, details of Komakino's unique fashion concept.

Inspired by rebellion, music and tribal culture, the perfect combination of subculture and fashion.





For fall and winter, men's wear is even more exciting. KOMAKINO is all about the comfort of men's wear, and every Look is perfect for men going out every day.

Simple solid color is wide leg pants hang down feeling is very good, integral color maintains clean at the same time, overcoat backside a colour breaks depressing feeling but won't appear jump take off and wear hard, inside long outside short inside take the wear law of mix coat to let administrative levels feel to reveal naturally come out.

KOMAKINO is careful about his color choices, which is a good word. Instead of using inappropriate, loud colors, KOMAKINO USES the harmonious colors of camel, black and red, maintaining a sense of modesty while preserving the elegance of fashion.


If you're tired of the men's clothes you have now,

Why don't you take a look at KOMAKINO,

Maybe find a new world.

October 05, 2018 — Kerrwin Yang

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