Haervaerk | Young and energetic new Danish design brand


Haervaerk is a young, edgy fashion brand founded by the chief designer, Niels Gundtoft.
The brand has been featured at the CIFF (Copenhagen fashion week) for a number of times, presenting its full collection, and we'll be watching the show design as we learn the story of this new brand.






Niles grew up in Denmark, so he infused Nordic style into his designs.

Marie Munk, a Danish graduate of the Royal College of Art, joined Haervaerk in the spring of 2017. Her exceptional Art background and tailoring skills brought the concept of Haervaerk to life.



Haervaerk SS19 fashion concept

So what are the fashion concepts behind Haervaerk SS19?

A group of goofy, naive boys roamed the streets of the wet, chilly fairytale city of Copenhagen, their uniforms touched by the wet asphalt and rusted shipping containers that litter the Danish waterfront, and change began.
Haervaerk, a mix of pop culture and lego simplified comics, is full of youth and energy.










Haervaerk SS19 fashion concept

Haervaerk was inspired by children who grew up under the Danish welfare system.
Denmark's education is based on free speech, social equality and creativity, and children are told they can be whoever they want to be.
This philosophy brought great comfort to the whole country, but at the same time, it also led to children's lack of respect for authority and their bold exploration of the problems of adolescence.
Haervaerk was inspired by this duality of good and bad.





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