Wrench Monkees - From the streets of Copenhagen
From the streets of Copenhagen. A little shoutout to a creative bike workshop in Copenhagen.
WRENCHMONKEES was founded in a Copenhagen basement in 2008.
We wanted to redesign and build custom bikes, that could stand out from the custom scene at that time. 
It was passion and eager for the next project that kept us working hard, and we suddenly realised that WRENCHMONKEES had fans all over the world.
We love Japanese, European and American motorcycles. Nearly all the manufacturers have models that would make a great Monkee!
Today we’re lucky to be surrounded by great people who share our passion and we’re witnessing how this lifestyle keeps on growing.
For some people this lifestyle is a new discovery, for others it’s old news, but no matter what, we salute you! We are still based in Copenhagen, and everyone is welcome in our shop.
YAMAHA XJR 1300 aka MONKEE #55

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