Casbia x Champion | Champion Shoes across "100 Years", now limited edition joint-venture

 Champion x Casbia “Century” 

Now Available at AKENZ

Champion celebrates its 100th anniversary since the birth of the brand and has now launched a new cooperation with Italian shoe brand Casbia. The joint shoe is called Champion x Casbia "Century"

The "Century" shoes are inspired by basketball shoes of the 70s and 90s with the aim to create styles that are both fashionable and technologically well crafted. And the result is stunning.


  • As a special feature the embroidery "1919" and "2019" is put on the tongue of each pair of shoes
  • Champion classic string logo is placed on the back side
  • On the other side is the “C” string logo, placed on behalf of the Casbia brand.

Casbia x Champion "Century" Collection

Century "Canvas"

Century "Canvas+ Suede"

Century "Satin"

    The "Century" series are limited edition shoes and are now available at the AKENZ stores and online

    click here to view the full collection

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