Atelier September | The first weekend after the festival. Let's have a cozy breakfast!


Business hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am - 6pm Weekend 9am - 5pm

Address: Gothersgade 30, Copenhagen




Atelier September coffee shop in downtown Copenhagen

is one of the most popular cafes in Denmark.



Simple design, white walls, clean wood and marble

creating a quaint atmosphere.



The owner chooses the flowers and plants to decorate the spot a natural fashion,

letting breathe life into a small cafe.



The afternoon sun shines into the room, penetrating warmth.



Many locals choose to relax here for a while,

watching busy city unfold before them.




Atelier September is famous for their avocado toast.

A slice of rye bread covered with neatly cut avocado slices

Spread the layers and sprinkled with Shanghai salt, chilli powder, lemon peel and olive oil.



Regular creative cooking has always been a way of keeping people fresh.



In 2018, Atelier September was named "The Best Breakfast Shop in the World" by Mr. Porter, a prominent lifestyle-sharing platform. Many people who didn't know Denmark, wondered why such a humble shop on the side of the street should be honored. I believe that after reading this article, you should have some answers. It would be very nice to have a cup of coffee here every now and then. At your best convenience.

February 16, 2019 — Kerrwin Yang

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