YANG LI | What kind of "rebel" spirit is behind the punk's wonderful vision? (Chapter 2)

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Behind the punk's wonderful vision,

What kind of "rebel" spirit is it?

(Chapter 2)


Introduction to a work

In our previous article, we focused on Yang Li's last two quarters of women's wear, presenting a dramatic visual scene. This time, we'll switch to Yang Li's men's wear to see how he characterizes and enriches the men's fashion industry with his distinctive spirit.

Prior-period review



Prior-period review


YANG LI SS2018 Men's Wear


Designer Yang Li is obsessed with movies, the designer is keen to draw inspiration from old movies for the men's collection. This season was inspired by the policeman played by Gary Oldman in the 1992 crime drama "Bad Lieutenant" and the movie "This Killer Isn't Cold."


The malevolent policeman wore well-tailored suits, and the catalogue was based on a theatrical scene with undisputed precision and elegance.

The atmosphere of gloomy and cold romantic sensitivities are exquisitely manifested through designer`s vision. Functional detail in place, every piece of the apparel vibrates convincingly and intoxicatingly.

The rebel punk spirit, progressiveness and imperfect philosophical attitude are reflected in his design. Yang Li, whose concept and aesthetics are mainly influenced by the minimalism in the 1990s, is drawn from the precise contour, the elongation layout and the technicality of that time, injected his own interpretation of the unique design perspective. His works are both avant-garde and rebellious, but also restrained and distinctive in the pattern of structure cut, with improvisational moments and precise control of an image.








YANG LI AW2018 Men's Wear



Yang Li is a wild creative thinker. He drew inspiration from Asian casino culture and the 1996 film Youth and Danger.

This series features bright black, emerald and gray primary tones, vivid pale yellow, deep red and bright white with a sharp and striking embellishment, It highlights the respect that designers pay to smoke-filled, neon-colored gambling centers and its visitors behind these culture.

Shoulder-strapped leather black windbreaker, red-banded plaid trousers, flower-patterned oversize smoking jackets and retro black-and-white tuxedos are all completely blinding.


To sum up

Apart from Yang Li's concept of scene and visual art, it is not hard to see that every season of Yang Li's design continues his understanding of avant-garde fashion. A lot of use dark color system tonal processing mode, clothing reveals the simple but complex meticulous feeling; In addition, the details of cutting techniques, such as destruction and cutting, are used to contrast with the strong softness of the outline.

The way these "contrast" designs are handled reflects the dual personality of Yang Li: rebellious, decadent and strongly Eastern romanticism. This also reflects Li Yang himself has both rebellious and perceptual Oriental "rebel", which is the a pride of Chinese fashion design.



February 09, 2019 — Kerrwin Yang

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