What do you think of fashion brands' involvement in sneaker design?

What do you think of fashion brands' involvement in sneaker design?

In recent years, we can see more and more fashion/luxury brands launch their Sneaker styles one after another. Since the hot style shoes of Balenciaga, the trend has become increasingly cracked.

Recently, as the schedule of fashion week continues to unfold, what is necessary is the trend of various fashion brands in Sneaker. What do you think of the following pairs of shoes launched recently?

Givenchy x mita Sneakers with a pair of Sneakers

Once loved by street pop lovers because of Kanye West, Givenchy is one of the forerunners of blending street and fashion styles.
This time, it touched the core of Sneaker Culture. Mita Sneaker was selected as the joint object, which is undoubtedly another attempt for this old Paris fashion house to approach the expanding young consumer group.

Set with Givenchy's signature sneaker JAW, it comes with a limited edition sneaker in black and army green tones, with a chunky silhouette extending the retro style, and a vamp embellished with fluorescent yellow and red details.
The Givenchy Logo also highlights the original, and the name made in Italy also brings texture guarantee.





COMME des GARCONS also unveiled a new collaboration with Nike during its spring/summer 2019 women's collection at Paris fashion week.
As can be seen from the feet of the models, kawakubo chose the classic Shox of Nike as the prototype, which changed the original upper structure and even added fashionable fur-edge details. In addition to the outsole of Shox, the metal decorative chain with brand logo on the middle foot is also very eye-catching.
The tongue is also emblazoned with the words "COMME des GARCONS" and "Nike Shox".




Off-White™ x Nike


After has revealed the official pictures Off - White ™ 70 x Converse Chuck, finally usher in official launch of the message.
As Off - White ™ and Converse the second cooperation, Virgil Abloh expressed through its unique fashion brand vision and reshape the Chuck type 70 the classic shoes, classic canvas shoes design in addition to retain the surface and followed by the standard, the new shoe more rich details to show through the strong brand characteristics, of orange Zip Tie, and the shoe body logo sign beside the orange decoration and bottoms complement each other, and Off - White ™ trademark between black and White diagonal stripe is an extremely.

New Converse x Off - White ™ Chuck will be held on October 8, 70 in JUICE store in Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu, DOE Shanghai xintiandi and tongren road store, UNIK SOULGOODS 798 beat Shanghai and Beijing,
INVINCIBLE Shanghai, CONVERSE Shanghai IAPM, CONVERSE Beijing sanlitun taiguli store, SOULGOODS sanlitun and DOVER STREET MARKET will be available at the same time the next day, priced at rmb1,099.

And Off - White ™ x Nike rich joint, small make up before has written tweets in detail, for everyone interested in their "cooperation" history can point into the history article to see if it!




UNDERCOVER x Nike Waffle Racer


At the Paris fashion week held in June this year, UNDERCOVER revealed a pair of "Waffle Racer" shoes that they created together with Nike. Besides the brand's new spring/summer 2019 women's collection, the brand also showed more color matching designs of these shoes in the Showroom in Paris again last week.
In the design, the "shaped" structure of the heel position was retained and the identity was indicated by the brand Logo. The vamp shows the consistent avant-garde attribute of UNDERCOVER through contrasting colors.

Taking advantage of the current trend of "Sneaker x fashion", the fashion houses have no doubt expressed their motivation to embrace young people who are more enthusiastic about street fashion than traditional high fashion with sneakers.
And as the other side of "fashion" that is frequently associated with sneakers, the role of sports brands in this is more than a "middleman" for fashion brands to infiltrate the streets.



What do you think?
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