Preview first! New member of the Nike React family is a little cute!



Preview first!

New member of the Nike React family is a little cute!

This year, Nike React Element 87, except for a joint project with UNDERCOVER in 11 of this month, also bring new color, black, red and light blue split, launched frequent color means Nike React sentiment on the growth trend of Element 87, Nike's official is the latest figure out of the above three color series, through a variety of props and fit to do interpretation collocation, highlights the latest color series, colorful tonal.






Nike react element 87 USES Nike react technology to greatly improve the comfort level of sneakers. The optimized soles are exceptionally soft, which proves that Nike react innovation technology is not the patent of running shoes. It can also generate heat and light on casual shoes.
So, Nike React Element 87's new color palette has been well received by many sneaker lovers since it was released, both because of its technological changes and because of the new surprises it has brought to the market.












所以,Nike React Element 87新款配色在推出后,受到许多球鞋爱好者的好评,一是因为其技术上的改革,二是因为它配色上的丰富给大家带来了新的惊喜。













Nike has seized on this positive reaction to further enrich the Nike React family, which is about to receive a new member named React Runner Mid WR ISPA.








The new shoes are a midsize version of the Nike hot React Element 87. The more streamlined body is made of lightweight materials and comes with a quick lace-tightening system, while the React Element signature outsole remains the same.










Nike React Runner Mid WR ISPA currently has two color options on the web, and the release date is not far off. Will you like it?


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