What's the craziest way to say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day?

First of all, happy Valentine's Day to you!

Roses, candlelight dinners, gifts not special enough?

Isn`t there on Valentine's Day, apart from the commercial atmosphere, not too much romance?

Want to know what tradition the Nordic youth launched to celebrate this day?


Keep reading then!



"This will make you feel good!"

 On a cold, dark, snowy winter night, Katja Pantzar was standing on a wooden dock in central Helsinki and hearing her friends encouraging her. The temperature was 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10℃), but she was wearing only a swimsuit, a wool cap, borrowed neoprene gloves and boots.

 Katja is ready to jump—swimming in water only 38 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 3 degrees Celsius, covered with ice. Although for many people in North America and around the world, it seemed like a daring stunt or crazy act, in Northern Europe, swimming in cold water in winter is not uncommon, and is considered an enthusiastic day-to-day activity.


Yes, you heard me correctly, swimming in winter.



Yes, you heard me correctly, swimming in winter.

According to the University of Copenhagen

Winter swimming is a 'stimulant therapy'

When the cold water cools down your 37℃ body quickly

Your blood vessels contract, and many of the signaling substances in your brain

Like adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol are released.

This will energize you and put you into a state of excitement.



While getting a sense of excitement, winter swimming will also improve your health.

The immune system is activated when the body is stimulated by cold water.

So this activity has been popular in Northern Europe for many years

In Denmark alone, for example, there are more than 20,000 winter swimmers.

There are children and old people among them.



Getting your steely besties to swim in cold water?

For the Danes, one is what they call selskab.

Orfællesskab, (collective) social activity that is a very important role in their sense of well-being and bonding.


There's a saying that goes "We Went Swimming Together In Winter."

The Danes, who are keen on winter swimming, are active in various clubs in search of good will.

The company of friends also makes the cold water less bone-freezing.



As time goes by, winter swimming has become an activity that many lovers do to prove to be in love.

In recent years many young lovers have chosen to go winter swimming together on Valentine's Day,

hugging each other in the bitter cold weather, enjoying the snow.

It's a romance and a feeling you'll never forget!



In February 2016, 54-year-old Gitte and 50-year-old Palle

At the end of their 7-year old romance and the beginning of their newborn marriage

the couple chose to have their wedding at the Winter Swimming Club.

At the end of the wedding, the two of them both jumped into four degrees water


Gitte & Palle


So, um... Are you ready for a winter swim with someone you love?

February 14, 2019 — Kerrwin Yang



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